Tillig Railways

Tillig Railways

Tillig are the world's largest manufacturer of TT scale model railways. Originally an Eastern European company Tillig Trains have become more popular through Europe as they have increasing produced models in HO and HO Narrow Gauge.

In their larger TT scale the new item list each year typically spans a 30-page catalogue, with items of Rolling stock available from most mainland European countries. They also produce some excellent value starter sets for beginners. They offer two track systems in TT scale. Model track which is a tough durable system with built in ballast and robust construction (as included in the train sets). Then the more detailed Profi track which offers a modeller a greater range of points and crossings.

In the larger HO scale, the range of rolling stock is predominantly East German but their recent productions have included a lovely set of Swiss double deck coaches - so never rule out Tillig from your layout. They also produce what is in our opinion the finest HO/OO track. Elite track offers a wide range of set track components plus flexi track and a massive range of points and crossings. Each item is authentic and to scale - making it delicate and realistic when in use. Points have single component crossing arms and no chunky centre springs. They can even be flexed slightly into curves!

In HO scale there is also the Luna tram track system. Whilst, in the UK our tram systems are small and scattered, this track is also great for recreating a dock or industrial setting where the rails are set into Concrete or cobbles.

Lastly, in HO scale they offer a range of Narrow gauge rolling stock and matching track. Their track includes mixed gauge pieces - so you can merge a OO/HO station with a Narrow gauge one!

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DISC ## Tillig TT Catalogue 2015/2016
Tillig Railways
## HOe Baggage coach H0e DR Ep.IV
## HOm Tram track 316.8mm (1 line) Cobble
## HOm Narrow Gauge train pack DR Ep.III loco and 3 wagons
Tillig Railways

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