## Petroleum Black Ajaz 0 6 0



## Petroleum Black Ajaz 0 6 0
## Petroleum Black Ajaz 0 6 0

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## Petroleum Black Ajaz 0 6 0

Petroleum black livery with Red and white lining to water tanks and coal bunker.
Red coupling rods and buffer beam.

Ajax name plate printed onto the body.

Based on Barclay 0-6-0 loco purchased in 1918 by the Sulphide Corporation of London.
Extensive travels via the War Department and Persia before use in several UK locations:
Swansea, Wales
Stanton Iron Works, Sheffield Harlaxton Ironstone Quarries, Grantham

Produced by Electrotren exclusively for Golden Valley Hobbies. Available from us and selected good model shops.

DCC Ready - 6 pin socket. Requires micro decoder such as CT Electronic DCX76ZF

Fitted with UK Hornby style couplings.

Brand: GVH
Supplier Code: ES0046

x £59.99