Light Aspect Controller No Soldering



Light Aspect Controller No Soldering

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Light Aspect Controller No Soldering

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The Best Way to Automatically Operate your LED Model Railway Signals

Controlling multi-aspect signals on model railways has never been easier
Detects trains passing signals using its in-built infra-red sensor
Operates from 12V to 25V DC, 12V to 16V AC, or uses DCC as a power feed and feeds signals at 12V
Fades leds in and out to simulate incandescent bulbs
Very simple to connect up to signals
No soldering required, all components are ready wired-up
No programming required (but you can adjust all settings if you wish)
For use with common-cathode led signals (not signals that use bulbs)

We love model railways with light signals. You can operate them from toggle switches when you only have a couple of aspects to operate, but when it comes signals with more aspects the wiring can become complex.

We were keen to provide a solution that would add some simple automation to 2-, 3- or 4-aspect signals, without the need for soldering, programming or making any additional connections.

The power feed connects to two terminals, with up to 5 wires from the signal connecting to the remaining terminals (the ground terminal has two wires connected, the signal common and ground).

You can power the module from 12V-25V DC, 12V to 16V AC, or from a DCC feed. The module reduces the supply voltage down to 12V to feed the signals. External resistors are not required, as these are built into the module.

Simply drill an 8mm hole through the baseboard between the sleepers and insert the sensor from below (the sensor only needs a 2mm gap to see between the sleepers so there should be no problems with N gauge). Invisible infra-red light is projected upwards and any trains passing overhead will trigger the circuit and will operate the signal automatically. You can test this by waving your hand over the sensor, and the signal should operate.

Detailed instructions:
Brand: BlockSig
Supplier Code: ASP1-NS

x £16.99