DISC OO Code 70 4 Hole Fishplates No Bolts 184 pcs



DISC OO Code 70  4 Hole Fishplates  No Bolts  184 pcs

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DISC OO Code 70 4 Hole Fishplates No Bolts 184 pcs

Scale: OO

Fishplates, also known as Angle Bars, Rail Bars, Splice bars, Splice Plates, Connector Bars, and Joint Bars are the metal plates used to join two pieces of rail together. These details are often overlooked on model railroads - but now you can now add them to your track work with ease. These are laser cut Cosmetic fishplates for attaching to either side of the rail. Please note they won't improve electrical conductivity as they are made from card. Packs come in Easy Paint (EP) versions with greater spacing on the sheet, or a compact version holding more fishplates on the sheet (HD or High Density) which take more effort to paint when on the laser cut sheet. Contents - one sheet. Actual quantity of cosmetic fishplates shown in the title. Sheets with No Bolts are designed to represent stacks of fishplates stored ready for installation. Simply paint, cut out and glue.

We offer Laser Cut Joint bars in 4 and 6 hole varieties, in flat and channel bar variations, for code 55, 70, 83, and code 100 track. Most of our joint bars are also offered with or without bolts. And also in N Scale!

The sets are offered in 2 arrangements; HD (High Density) sets give you many bars per fret and are intended to be painted after installation. EP (Easy Paint) sets include fewer bars but are spaced to allow for painting of the parts, with an airbrush or spray can, before installation.
Brand: PDC
Supplier Code: 1006HD

x £12.29